Let’s Celebrate Black Hair and black women that made history in the hair industry

February is Black History Month, a great opportunity to celebrate African Americans’ many achievements throughout U.S. history. Since 1976, this annual celebration has recognized the contributions of Black Americans to our country.

Black hair has been an integral feature of Black history – from African tribal styles to dreadlocks and the afro. At #MNHD we celebrated Black hair during Black History Month with these video recommendations.


  1. Kudos to Good Morning America for publishing this revealing video, This is the story of Black Hair, hosted by author Emma Dabiri, an Irish author, academic, broadcaster and author of Don’t Touch My Hair. In this video Dabiri walks us through the struggle some Black women have had to endure due to their natural hair and how the “Wear our Natural Hair” movement was born in response.
  1. Another video that caught the attention of #MNHD is this incredibly well produced documentary Our Hair-itage – A Natural Hair Documentary by Crystolyn Macklin that received almost 500k views on YouTube.

As noted on the YouTube post, this was Ms. Macklin first documentary and was done as part of a senior project during her last semester at Virginia Commonwealth University. “The documentary features a collection of stories from women in the African American community who inspire others by sharing some of their experiences with their natural hair journey,” mentioned Macklin in the post.

  1. Another video, to watch and repost in February during BHM, was created by Allure and it covers 100 years of Black Hair History in a very creative and entertaining manner.
  1. A woman that should always be remembered during Black History Month is portrayed in this video from The Smithsonian Channel. CJ Walker, the first self-made female millionaire, who made her fortune with a hair product that she invented and that took her out of poverty. Here is her very inspiring story, check it out!
  1. Finally, we came up with this beautiful post from an experienced hair stylist who is celebrating Black hair… Congratulations Tangelia for the great work you do!!!