Hair Loss Solutions have come a long way and now hair cloning is Closer Than Ever!

What does the hair industry evolution look like? You might be surprised at how far we have come and that there’s a new hair loss technique -still in the works- that could be the next game changer!

The number of people who suffer from hair loss increases day by day but thankfully the number of resources and solutions have grown as well throughout the years! 

Both men and women are suffering from hair loss and the psychological impact of this situation should not be underestimated. “Some of the mild to severe symptoms of associated psychological problems with hair loss are: anxiety, anger, depression, embarrassment, decreased confidence, reduction in work and sexual performance, social withdrawal, and suicidal tendencies. These are similar to those usually seen with chronic and severe life-threatening diseases” as mentioned in the article “The Psychology of Hair Loss Patients and Importance of Counseling,” published in the National Library of Medicine.  

There may be some who believe that hair loss or wearing wigs is something shameful. But the truth is, it isn’t anymore. With all of the advancements that have been made in both medical technologies and surgical techniques, there are now more options than ever to address the concerns of those experiencing hair loss. 

Wigs, hair pieces, hair systems…there are so many new and interesting options in the world of hair solutions these days. We can leave behind the old fashion toupees, since there is an exciting new technology that has revolutionized the hair industry. What used to be a “no” for bald men looking for a more natural-looking solution is now a “yes!,” as we see hair replacement systems evolve into modern hair solutions that are so natural looking and easy to maintain.  

It is a new hair day, with hair replacements that are unnoticeable and nothing like the ones in the past!  Check the video below, watch the transformations, and let us know what you think after seeing the before and afters!

The other good news in the hair industry is that the science of hair restoration is always evolving, and that we are very close to seeing this industry reach a new milestone. One of the most promising areas of research over the past few years, is known as hair cloning, and it could soon be a reality. While this technology isn’t ready for consumer use just yet, the possibility of generating new hair follicles from existing ones is very real, although some experts have different opinions.  

The graphic below explains what’s in the works when it comes to hair cloning. While hair cloning and multiplication technology may not be available to consumers for some time, hair loss researchers continue working on solving the challenges posed by this promising new field of study. 

Soon at #MNHD we’ll give you a more detailed article on what we could expect with this revolutionary technique!  

#MNHD Editorial Staff