Sea Salt Spray: The Secret to Adding Body and Volume to Men’s Thinning Hair!

A few years ago, Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray and John Frieda Beach Blonde Ocean Waves created an entirely new hair product category and inspired countless spinoffs as recounted in Fashion Magazine.  Since then, sea salt sprays have been an option for those that want more texture and volume in their hair, especially men.

For men that are losing hair or those with thinning hair, they get more volume, allowing it to be styled in different ways. For guys with thicker hair, it texturizes and improves the look of the hair.

Sea salt spray can be used with or without a hair dryer for big hairstyles and to refresh hairstyles between washing. The spray is the perfect product for the basis to a pompadour or a big quiff as you’ll see in this hair tutorial from Robin James from his YouTube Channel Man for Himself 

Sea salt is great for gents with naturally flat hair as it allows them to achieve more creative styles. It makes fine hair appear thicker and provides a better foundation for styling products to finish on. The hair will no longer immediately fall flat or lose its shape over the course of the day.

Sea salt sprays typically contain a combination of ingredients that help create the desired texture and volume in the hair. While formulations may vary among different brands, here are some common ingredients you may find in sea salt sprays:

Water: Water is the primary ingredient in most sea salt sprays, providing the base for the product.

Sea Salt: As the name suggests, sea salt is a key ingredient in these sprays. It helps add texture and create that beachy, tousled look by absorbing moisture from the hair.

Texturizing Polymers: Many sea salt sprays include texturizing polymers or resins that help enhance the hold and definition of the hair. These ingredients provide structure and help maintain the textured style.

Conditioning Agents: Some sea salt sprays may include conditioning agents to counteract the potential drying effects of salt on the hair. These agents help keep the hair moisturized and soft.

Humectants: Humectants like glycerin or panthenol may be included in sea salt sprays to attract and retain moisture in the hair, preventing it from becoming excessively dry.

Fragrance: Sea salt sprays often contain fragrance to provide a pleasant scent. The fragrance can contribute to the overall beachy and summery experience.

Preservatives: To ensure product stability and prevent microbial growth, sea salt sprays may contain preservatives.

It’s important to note that some sea salt sprays may also include additional ingredients such as botanical extracts, oils, or vitamins, which can vary depending on the brand and specific product formulation. Reading the ingredient list on the product packaging can provide more specific information about the contents of a particular sea salt spray.

Many stylists consider sea salt sprays one of the most versatile hair products you could have in your arsenal, but it is important to know that sea salt spray can dehydrate the hair, making it dry, brittle, and prone to damage. If your hair tends to be very dry, to begin with, sea salt spray may not be the best product for you.

Most hair types can benefit from using sea salt spray though and in most cases the advantages far outweigh the very minor disadvantages — which can be remedied with a proper hydrating and conditioning routine. 

#MNHD Editorial Staff