Fighting with your receding hairline?

Receding hair line for either sex doesn’t need to be a reason to hide away from the world, especially when there are hair solutions that can give your hair a fuller look, in the blink of an eye! So, if you are looking for a temporary, quick fix, we found some pretty good options out there. One of these is Strand Builder, a hair fiber camouflaging product made of keratin protein.   

#MNHD put Strand Builder to the test, and we were extremely satisfied with the results.

Here are our findings:

Strand Builder


What People are Saying

“This is my go to for events and celebrations!”

“It looks very naural and I like it very much”

“Tried this for the first time and very hapy with turnout”

Ready to thicken your hair?

  • This product helps your hair with organic keratin fibers that build strands for thicker looking hair.
  • Simply sprinkle the product on your receding hairline and see how thinning areas, balding patches disappear.
  • It is specifically designed to be undetectable and won’t fall out until you shampoo your hair.

Strand Builder may become your best ally after you read this article. It is a great product for those looking for a solution to cover bald spots or patches caused by thinning hair. The hair fibers are designed to make your hair look thick and beautiful in a noninvasive, simple, and cost-effective way.

Strand Builder is made up of natural keratin protein fibers, a protein that is found in real hair and the natural magnetic charge makes them static cling to your real hair, resulting in a fuller looking, lush head of hair.

It works for men and women, and for all hair types, and it works best for people with thinning hair as the fibers need something to cling to. They’re available in a variety of hair colors allowing you to find your perfect match. With no down time and no risk, hair fibers are a simple, straightforward solution to cover the patches of thinning hair.

In this tutorial you’ll learn more about the product and how to use Strand Builder. Check it out to see if this is a solution that may work for you.

Strand Builder proves to be really easy to use— after washing, drying and styling your hair, you apply it onto the areas of thinning hair. Then gently pat the fibers into place and spray with hair spray for a longer lasting hold. Hair fibers wash out with shampoo, so you can work out as much as you like and not have to worry about the product falling out when you sweat!

And last but not least, Strand Builder is 100% organic.

There are some tips that you should keep in mind when using hair fibers, we have compiled the main ones in the infographic below:

The Strand Builder product is available on the company’s website and some other online retailers. #MNHD checked some of the reviews of verified Amazon customers and found that most users were pleased with the product. A user named Sarah wrote: “This is my go-to product for events and celebrations! I have very fine thinning hair and get embarrassed in spots where you can see my scalp. I shake this in, pat it down, spray some hair spray on it and I look like a completely different person!” Another customer, MaryC, said: “Tried this for first time and very happy with turnout. Will be a customer forever”.

#MNHD Recommendation: Start with the Strand Builder Intro Kit that includes the hair fibers, the hold spray, the hairline optimizer, and the spray applicator. Once you know how long a bottle of Strand Builder lasts (depending on how much you use it and the type of hair you’re using it on) you can set up recurring orders, so you’ll never run out of fiber.

For more information you can visit https://strandbuilder.com

Let us know if you end up trying it. If you do, post and tag us (#MNHD) with a photo showing us your new hair day…one without your receding hairline!

#MNHD Editorial Staff