Bald Spots? There’s a tattoo for that!

Hi #MNH Today we are excited to share a new and innovative technique that is revolutionizing the hair industry using a solution that has been around for thousands of years. Yes, tattoos, that have been around for ages, are now used to cover bald spots!

Watch this video to better understand how it works. We know it may sound a little bit crazy, until you see it!

#MNHD talked with Tina Lewis, a hair stylist that has specialized in this technique, and she shared valuable insights. “RestorInk is a safe, quick, non-surgical hair restoration technique, also known as scalp micropigmentation. During the process we apply pigments at the epidermal level of the scalp—creating the appearance of greater hair density. It can be used anywhere hair is thinning: the frontal and temple hairlines, the crown, bald spots, patches, or even scars. The procedure is ideal for men and women in early stages of thinning to advanced hair loss,” said Lewis.

As seen on the video and the Before and After pictures, the pigment blend used in the process gives the natural look of actual hair stubble from any distance. We were told by Lewis that this is not a regular tattoo ink, as it is a combination of Keratin, a fibrous structural protein found in natural hair, and pigments designed to match the hair color.

You may be wondering if scalp micropigmentation is a safe procedure? Like a tattoo, scalp micropigmentation is considered safe. The FDA considers SMP ink to be cosmetic and has stated that there is “a lack of evidence” that proves any harmful effects in the ink. Although you must be sure that you are doing the procedure with a trained professional.

A study republished in the National Library of Medicine, and originally published by The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, provides a thorough analysis of the pros and cons of the procedure. For those that like to research and be informed before considering any solution, this reference material could be extremely valuable. For those that would rather go directly to the conclusions this is how the doctors that authored the paper summarize it:

Conclusion: “Scalp micropigmentation offers a good nonsurgical alternative treatment for hair and scalp deformities. Unlike medical devices, scalp micropigmentation offers a tattoo-based, non-medical “cover-up” that effectively hides unsightly conditions on the scalp and creates the illusion of thicker hair. The authors believe that scalp micropigmentation is destined to become a standardized offering.”

A final recommendation before scheduling this unique procedure is to meet with your hair technician and request to see their work portfolio, just like you would do with any tattoo artist that you may be considering. Since this is a relatively new technique checking the stylist portfolio could give you peace of mind.  

At #MNHD we believe that hearing a testimonial can also give you a better idea of what to expect out of the procedure (does it hurt? how long does it last? etc.) and more importantly -the emotional factor- of how much this procedure means for those that embark on this cool journey!

Let us know what you think about this solution. Is this something that you would consider? Do you have any questions that we may not have answered?

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